plover.orthography – Orthography rules#

This module provides functionality for generating candidates from attaching orthographic suffixes to translated words. The functions below depend on the orthography rules for the current steno system – see plover.system – Steno systems, and especially the documentation for ORTHOGRAPHY_RULES, for more information.

plover.orthography.make_candidates_from_rules(word: str, suffix: str[, check: Function[str, bool]]) List[str]#

Using the orthography rules of the current system, calculate the possible results of attaching suffix to the root word.

Not all of these may be valid words in the system’s language; add_suffix() will automatically look up candidate words to find the orthographically-correct translation.

Pass a check function to filter out candidate words. In most cases this will not be needed; by default this is set to lambda x: True, returning all candidates.

plover.orthography.add_suffix(word: str, suffix: str) str#

Add the suffix to the word, calculating candidates from make_candidates_from_rules(). If ORTHOGRAPHY_WORDS exists, this looks up the best candidate from the list; if not, Plover does a simple join and attaches the suffix as is without any spelling changes.

Returns the result of attaching the suffix to the word respecting orthographic rules.