plover.suggestions – Suggestions#

In many steno theories, there may be multiple ways to stroke a certain word. By providing the user with suggestions while they are writing, this may help them learn briefs or otherwise shorter outlines for the same input, which leads to faster, more fluent writing. This module handles providing suggestions.

class plover.suggestions.Suggestions(dictionary)#

An object that handles finding suggestions using the given dictionary.

dictionary: plover.steno_dictionary.StenoDictionaryCollection#

A StenoDictionaryCollection containing all of the dictionaries to look up translations from.

find(translation: str) List[Suggestion]#

Returns the list of suggestions for the word provided in translation, and other words similar to it. Each item in the list is a Suggestion containing possible outlines for a single word.

class plover.suggestions.Suggestion(text, steno_list)#

An object representing a possible suggestion.

text: str#

The translation to get possible suggestion strokes for.

steno_list: List[Tuple[str]]#

The list of outlines that translate to text, provided in order of the number of strokes.