plover.oslayer.config – Platform-specific configuration#

This module provides platform-specific information like paths to configuration files and asset directories.

plover.oslayer.config.PLATFORM: str#

The platform Plover is running on; one of win, mac, bsd or linux.

plover.oslayer.config.PLUGINS_PLATFORM: str#


plover.oslayer.config.PROGRAM_DIR: str#

The directory Plover is running from. In most cases, this will be the directory the Plover executable itself is in, but when running from an app bundle on macOS, this is the directory is in.

plover.oslayer.config.CONFIG_BASENAME: str#

The name of Plover’s configuration file. By default this is plover.cfg.

plover.oslayer.config.CONFIG_DIR: str#

The directory containing Plover’s configuration.

If the main config file is in the same directory as the program itself, then Plover is running in portable mode, in which case this is equivalent to the program directory PROGRAM_DIR.

Otherwise, the location of this directory depends on the platform:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\plover

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/plover

  • Linux: ~/.config/plover

plover.oslayer.config.CONFIG_FILE: str#

The full path name of the Plover configuration file.

plover.oslayer.config.ASSETS_DIR: str#

The directory containing Plover’s assets, such as icons and dictionaries.

plover.oslayer.config.plover_dist: pkg_resources.DistInfoDistribution#

A pkg_resources.DistInfoDistribution containing information about Plover’s base distribution, such as resource paths and package metadata.

plover.oslayer.config.HAS_GUI_QT: bool#

True if Plover supports the Qt-based GUI and Qt is installed, False otherwise.