plover.oslayer.controller – Process management#

This module provides a global process lock to ensure that there is only one instance of Plover running, and forwards any commands received externally (i.e. from sources other than Plover) to that existing instance.

class plover.oslayer.controller.Controller#

Creates a handle in the operating system that guarantees there is only one Plover instance running. On Windows, this takes the form of a named pipe, e.g. \\.\pipe\plover; on Unix platforms it is a Unix domain socket, e.g. /tmp/plover_socket. This handle is destroyed when Plover exits.

If the handle already exists, this tries to send the focus command to the existing instance to surface the main window.

An instance of this class can be used as a context manager:

with Controller() as ctrl:
  # Now this is the only Plover instance running
is_owner: bool#

True if the current process is the only one running.


Delete the handle, if possible. This should only be used if the previous Plover instance did not exit cleanly and the handle still exists on the system.

send_command(command: str)#

Sends command to the running Plover instance to be executed.